Sunday Synopsis

Toddler Cyberbullied Oh gosh, why is the internet such a mean place?  As the mother of child who would have grown up looking non-traditional, had she been given the chance to live, this really smarts.  And really, her daughter is totally cute! I often worry about thing I put out on the internet- I know I”m taking a risk, but it’s important for me to share my daughter.  Yes, people have freedom of speech.  But dont people have the moral obligation to be kind too?

Kissing skeletons: love has no labels  On a more upbeat note, some happiness is going around the internet right now- and here’s the story behind it.  Love the Down Syndrome feature 

One Day  For those of you with kids, who have experienced loss… oh my this is a simple, powerful portrait of what I imagine it must be like.

You need a new doctor- a nice reminder as a health care professional, myself, that our words can hurt.  I cringe reading these too.  I hope I am never featured.  I do recognize that sometimes things we say can be misinterpreted and sometimes it’s just a lack of training, knowing what to say.  We’ve all experienced people like that in the babyloss world. But some of these- geez.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Synopsis

  1. That first link – I was also horrified, but my initial reaction was also – “this little girl is so cute! I don’t understand what people think is odd-looking about her? I don’t see it…”

    • right?? people are crazy! I heard on a newscast that kids are genetically supposed to be cute for the first like 6 years, and here’s a perfect example of one who is not “genetically typical” like my mabel would have been, but yet is still adorable!

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