I’m writing because…

I’m writing for me- Telling my story as a therapeutic outlet.  As a memoir.  As reflection. As a way to work through my feelings.  I’m writing for my family and friends- to keep them updated about health issues and baby’s well being.  I’m writing for others.  Getting a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome and opting to continue the pregnancy is not the norm. Most people especially with invasive testing, like a CVS or amnio, choose to terminate based on a diagnosis of Down Syndrome.  I am writing to join the small community of us who take that diagnosis and embrace it, to contribute my story so others can feel connected, like I feel connected hearing about how others cope and adjust.

1 thought on “I’m writing because…

  1. Hi Meghan, I found your blog through a facebook page and have spent the better part of my workday reading through it. I noticed the date and realized Mabel’s 5th birthday is two days from today, so I just wanted to say happy early birthday to your sweet girl – she looked absolutely beautiful in the pictures you posted. I hope you and your family are doing well. I’m not sure if you are still monitoring this blog, but I will keep you and Chris and Felix and Mabel in my thoughts these next few days.

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