Sunday Synopsis

Things to know when your friend loses a baby–  oh how much I like this article.  I”m impressed I”m seeing more babyloss stuff on Huffington Post, well done HP! I have totally lost some people in my life because being with me in grief is hard, and many didn’t know how to handle me.  What would you add?

10 things People Hate about Funerals- Having hosted a funeral of the most sensitive kind, you would think I’d have mastered the art of attending others.  But no, I still feel awkward and want to make sure I do/say the right thing.  I do know how important it is to go, though, and how priceless are the words “I’m so sorry for your loss.” Have you been to a funeral since your own loss?  Do you still have discomforts about going? Knowing what to say? How to dress?


And because it’s SuperBowl Sunday here in the states, and my team is favorited, despite some recent controversy, here’s this just for fun!

“The Other Quiet Mom”

This article struck me because it summed up a lot of our conversation from a previous post.

“Few ever realize how frequently and repetitively other mothers tell their “stories from the front” — of pregnancy, labor and delivery, newborn gazing, breastfeeding — unless they are one of the mothers who must master how to avoid tears just to be able to stay in the room. Some of us develop our quirks and smirks — the way we shift our gaze or hold our lips to keep it together while we decide whether to leave the table, physically or mentally. Sometimes we’re distracted by wondering if we should join in: should I too tell tales of contractions or the funny thing my husband, like yours, did on the way to the hospital? But stories that end with “and then they couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat” generally stop a conversation.”

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what do you think of the article?  have you read any articles lately that speak to you?