Hi from the silence

Hi, I say meekly.

I’ve fallen off the map.  Everyday I want to write, I want to connect with the community that has held my hand through the past year and a half, I want to tell you all what’s in my head.

I’m ok.  I just wanted you to know that.

I”m just swamped!  I’ve taken on a second job, which I”ll write more about as soon as I can rightfully.  I feel like I have so little time- most of it I try to stay on top of reading other’s blogs so I feel more connected.  But the longer I stay away from writing, the harder it seems to restart.

So for now, I’ll write just a snippet.

Today I was at the dog park and there was a woman there with a teenage girl with Down Syndrome.  She had dark hair and glasses, very high functioning with good conversation skills from what i could overhear.  I so so badly wanted to tell both her and her mother about Mabel.  I wanted to talk to the girl- get to know her.  We exchanged a few words- about our dogs and about a lady who was holding her tiny dog in the pouch pocket of her sweatshirt.  I hung out close to them, trying to figure out how to start more conversation, but then it was time for them to go.  That sweet little interaction made my day.

4 thoughts on “Hi from the silence

  1. Nice to see the update! I just started following you recently (I commented a couple of times with stories about the loss of my daughter at 4.5 months just up the road in CT), but I was indeed wondering where you’d been and hoping all was well. What a sweet interaction at the park. I’m sure the girl and her mother would have loved to talk to you about Mabel. Congratulations on the second job and looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. Glad to hear you’re ok. And yes, the longer you don’t write the harder it gets – I even have a mental backlog of all the things I want to write about (most of which usually doesn’t happen).
    Whenever I see families with twins I itch to share my story – but usually don’t.

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