Sunday Synopsis

Listening to the screams of a bereaved mother–  We are not always easy to be with in our grief.  Our sorrow is uncomfortable.  Our moans of sadness are hard to hear.  But it is our right.

My right to be a mother- an honest mom speaks out.   Postpartum depression after miscarriage is real.

Annie Lennox: Son’s death Changed my Life.  We don’t often hear of celebrities who have experienced babyloss, so I am struck when I hear of one.  As sad as I am to hear there are more of us in the club, I am thankful that those with star power can speak out and bring more of a face, more attention to babyloss.

TTC After Loss: The Negatives: Whew! this one is right on if you’ve ever tried to conceive after loss.  The hope that comes with the idea of another baby (not a replacement one, as we all know) can seem so uplifting.  But we have to remember that with trying to conceive comes disappointment for some or many.  Trying to conceive after babyloss can be miserable.  miserable.

The unique grief of mothers without living children.  I found this article so accurate.  I especially appreciate the part about a rainbow not making it better- that not everyone gets a rainbow.  We need more help and support learning how to cope without or despite a rainbow.

What it means to hold space-Who holds space for you?

A grieving mom’s request A Short, concise, well written article, which sums up some of my requests.  How about you? (thanks to LosingBennyBear for sharing!)

6 thoughts on “Sunday Synopsis

  1. thanks for these links of places to go to feel less alone on this inflammatory day – for me as a motherless daughter and now also a daughter-less mother, since my baby girl died 6 months ago. i work in healthcare too – i’m a doctor in paediatrics. and i don’t know how you do it. i had to leave neonates after my daughter died. But when someone comes into the ER with a baby my daughters age i really have to check myself to think clearly and get past my hurt heart. I wonder how you do it. thanks for this blog and the beautiful video of Mabel.

    • oh man what a paradox- motherless daughter and daughterless mother. I”m so sorry for your losses. Thank you for your kind words too. I”ve made my sacrifices (leaving birth behind) so you and I are are similar too- drawing our lines in the sand, making our boundaries clear, to protect ourselves. I”m glad I”m not the only one (though of course not glad in anyway for anyone who has experience such great loss). thank you for reading and for sharing.

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