Sunday Synopsis

Acceptance in Infertility– This article is reminicent of the many articles out there about what not to say to babyloss moms and of some of the conversation started here in the comments.  A different topic (though I see infertility as babyloss too, whether it be from recurrent pregnancy loss or inability to become pregnant at all.  we who have had babyloss share a lot with our sisters who struggle with infertility).  I appreciate it for the same message we’ve all been sharing.  Words are powerful and sometimes well intention. benign seeming words can convey another whole message to the receiver.

Helping Families Cope with Perinatal Loss– I picked this one up on Wrapped Up In The Parentheses and have been slowly working my way through it.  (confession: I’m not done).  But so far, it’s been fascinating- validating, if nothing else.

Early Pregnancy Loss– a babyloss friend emailed this to me.  I like it because it I think it sums up, from a different perspective, the idea behind my post and the conversation it brought up.  Yes, loss is different depending on what kind of loss it is- early pregnancy, stillbirth, neonatal loss- BUT everyone has a right to be sad based on their loss.  Its seems we all just want validation that what we have gone through is hard and sad.  it is.

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