Sunday Synopsis

El Deafo, How a girl turned her disability into a super power– I love how this normalizes a disability.  I hope there are more like it to come!

10 Ways C-sections and vaginal births are exactly the same. I know many of you had to have a c-section, which may or may not have been part of your birth plan.  I know my birthplan went out the window when we learned of Mabel’s prognosis.  I was prepared for an emergent c-section if needed and I gave up up on the vision I once had of a joyful, intervention-free labor and birth.  Instead, my labor was full of fear and dread and I opted for an epidural.  I could go on at lengths about how I feel I failed as a midwife there.  and that’s just an epidural.  I know many woman who struggle having had a c-section and I think this article is great for proving just how brave it is to go through that.

Bereaved Parents Voices Heard at Last- I like this article because it’s about giving babyloss moms voice- highlighting that our experience matters with our care- both the good and the bad.

Freshpet Holiday Feast– just because its funny.

Have you read anything lately that spoke to you? 


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