White roses

“Wow! those are beautiful flowers!” exclaimed the lady checking me out at the grocery store.  I too was surprised that such a gorgeous bouquet was sold at my local shop.

“Yeah, I couldn’t help myself,” I admitted.  As I walked by the flower shelf I was immediately drawn to the simply arranged bouquet of white roses.  Perfect for such a little baby, I thought.

“Sometimes you just have to treat yourself,” she responded.

“Oh, they’re for someone else, but I still couldn’t resist.”

How can I help, but indulge my baby?

How do you indulge your lost loved one?


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8 thoughts on “White roses

  1. I buy him little souvenirs when I travel. Silly, I know, and the little cheap things are cluttering up his shelf, but I can’t help it. I would have bought him stuff from my work travels if he were alive, so that’s how I justify it!

  2. Those are gorgeous!! I also get flowers. I never purchased flowers before because I worry about sourcing and labor conditions… But having fresh flowers by Sacha’s picture makes me feel like I’m caring for him. And choosing flowers that remind me of different memories helps me to keep hold of those memories.

    • Is there something special about white roses for you and Mabel? I usually go for purple calla (they remind me of Sacha’s blanket and also my wedding flowers), marigolds (Day of the Dead flowers), or green poms (Sacha means green). I also like irises and crocuses because they often bloom in late winter, before all the other spring stuff shows up. But sometimes I just get a mixed bouquet, especially if I find one with Peruvian lillies.

    • yes, there is something special about flowers for our babies. I’ve never really been one to keep fresh flowers in the house, but for my baby I do by her grave. nothing special about the white roses- this week they just seemed so innocent, like my girl. I usually see what speaks to me and am often drawn to oranges and purples color wise (I am so ignorant of types of flowers!). Once I brought some calla lilies because I stumbled across some and I have a friend who lost her baby Calla and so I thought I could bring the two together with the flowers.

      • So, I thought about Mabel and the white roses with Stephen Colbert’s use of Holland 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel during his final show this week. If you don’t know NMH, their entire album In The Aeroplane Over the Sea was inspired by Anne Frank’s diary. And Holland 1945 is such a beautiful song about life, death, childhood, grief… (and, umm, genocide).

        “All when I’d want to keep white roses in their eyes”

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