Sunday Synopsis

Five ways to help those remembering Babyloss this holiday season– I really like this article- it’s short, it’s sweet and it’s to the point.  Having survive one holiday and bracing myself for the next, I can already appreciate somethings my family has done (especially #2- something I was worried about, but worked out just fine).  I would also add that holidays may be a time you’re seeing people for the first time since loss (especially if it’s year one)- I’d want them to know saying something is better than saying nothing at all (it’s in the vein of #5).  Even in a large group, it could be easy to avoid the bereaved parents, so simply saying hello and letting them know you’ve been thinking of them is an easy way to do so.  I had a cousin do just that at thanksgiving- and it was a pleasant surprise.

Darkness and Light– this really got me thinking about the contrast and and honestly the seasons- how now that winter is approaching its peak darkness, how that may affect our grief (not the total intention of the article).  Winter is my grieving season and early darkness doesn’t help.

Twelve Days of Christmas- Have you been following?  All the posts are great reads during this prelude to the holidays and some have spoken to me veery intensely.

This compassionate dog… Ok, i know this isn’t related to grief, but it’s about compassion.  Wouldn’t you want a friend to wake you up from a nightmare?


6 thoughts on “Sunday Synopsis

  1. I think the worst thing that happened last Christmas was people not even acknowledging our loss, mere weeks later. It was extremely uncomfortable for us and we had to take ourselves out of the situation. My advice is do what feels right to you, others be damned! Make the holidays what YOU need and YOU want. If your family and friends can’t understand, then they can’t be a part of it. We know what we are/are not willing to deal with this year and have planned accordingly.

  2. I think this will be my hardest Christmas so far. Last year was hard, having just suffered the first two of my three miscarriages, but this is the first christmas when I should have a baby (either 10, 8 or 1 month old). We put up the tree the other day, which is usually one of my favorite things to do, and I cried the whole time. I know one of your blog entries had a picture of a memorial ornament (the hallmark one with the little blue heart in a seashell), and we have the same one. We hung it first, on the highest branch. It broke my heart when I realized my husband was hanging ornaments of Barbie dolls and teddy bears at the top of the tree to be near it. I know one day that ritual will be more beautiful than it is sad, but it was really rough this year.

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