Dream child

She was a child- a real child, seven years old maybe. Tow-headed and petite, with the button nose that was the same as in her newborn photos, she appeared in my dream. She didn’t speak much, but I imagined my mind was formulating how she would have been realistically, with the Down Syndrome and her health problems. In the dream she was healthy. She had two little boy friends, who also had Down Syndrome and she played baseball.

I have dreamt about her a few other times- mostly sad dreams, like trading her in for a health y baby. But this was wonderful- I got a true glance of the what-might-have-been.

Hi Mabel.

Sigh. How sad it is that we see our children only in photos, in memories and in dreams. I’m so thankful I have this one.

Have you dreamt about your lost love one? How would you like to dream about them?

4 thoughts on “Dream child

  1. I got a special little carrot card in the mail today, and shared your story with my husband. I told how your story has interwoven with ours. Thanks for the thank you 😉

  2. I haven’t dreamed about Ander, but I can picture him very, very clearly in my mind, and when I speak to him, I hear his answer clearly. And I don’t even care if it’s my subconscious making it up :). He’s nearly always in a field of prairie grass with his golden hair, a green sweater and blue slacks. I would say around 6 years old. Sometimes, he’s with a girl with Downs Syndrome about his age… 🙂

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