In line at Petco

We stood in line at Petco, our arms brimming with puppy toys and treats; a puppy bed and a box with a crate sat in our cart. As the cashier checked us out, I blurted, “we’re getting a puppy!” She simply smiled and continued scanning. We filled out a rewards card application and picked up the puppy training class flier on the counter.

As we left the store, I said to Chris “that was kind of weird, right?”

“Yeah, I thought she’d say something at least, about how we’re getting a puppy.” He agreed. “I mean, she works in a pet store!”

“Wanna hear something crazy?” I replied. “I see the way she reacted and thought, ‘maybe she had a puppy and her puppy died.’ Or maybe she wants a puppy and she can’t have one. Crazy, right?”

Where do you see loss in situations when you wouldn’t have otherwise?


6 thoughts on “In line at Petco

  1. She might have been having a bad day for other reasons, like found out she needs expensive car repairs or found out about a worrisome health diagnosis of someone close to her or maybe she’s amidst of a messy divorce. Or maybe this is just a retail job for her after being laid off from a better paying job during the economic downturn and is grappling with her bruised ego as being seen as a pet store cashier along with the strain of making less money.

    I think this entire experience has made me even more aware that you never know where people are coming from and that a whole lot of compassion and understanding is needed across the board. It also gives me strength to know that others have had to deal with loss and trauma in their lives, but still live inspiring and productive lives while not denying their grief.

    • yes- me too- I find myself trying to come up with explanations in my head of their stories- why they act the way they do. I do it easily for strangers, but I tend to try less hard for those close too me, because I think i know their stories (not as true). I’d like to work on that.

  2. It’s interesting, despite what her reasons were for not responding, that that’s the same way I respond when I hear someone else is having a baby. I half-smile and keep doing what I’m doing. Especially if they’re not even 20 weeks along yet. I think, “Don’t you know ANYTHING could go wrong and everything you hope for could be squashed?” And so I can’t feel happy for them. And I desperately wish I could. I want to.

    • yes- I think she mirrored my own response too and perhaps that’s why I wondered what her backstory was. I want to be that person who could be happy for others too, especially in pregnancy, but (as you can read in my lunatics anger post) I am not there yet. ugh!

      • And I think, what if her dog did just recently died and thinking about other people getting new dogs is sad for her? So many people, if she were to say that to them, would say, “Well, get over it! You work at a pet store, for crying out loud!” And I’m sure that’s how you feel being a midwife!

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