Day 22: Self Care

I work four days a week.  When I was working “full time” as a midwife, I would work on average about 60 hours a week.  The plan was when I had kids to drop one day in the office, making me “part time” at 50+ hours a week. Some of that time I was on call for births, meaning I might spend the shift in the hospital awake for 24 hours, or I might spend a good portion at home in my bed.  After Mabel died, I eased myself back into work.  My goal was to work myself up to that same “part time” schedule so I could have that extra day off for myself, to work on my grief.  After a few months into work, I realized that the goal of returning to call so soon was unrealistic and so now I work four office days.  My practice was kind enough to allow me this adjustment and Chris and I decided our finances could handle the decreased salary that accompanied.

Wednesday is my day off each week and I use the day to take care of myself.  Today I photo-documented the things that fill my day.

I spend some quality time with my pup, who gives me something to care for and love, who reminds me that I am needed.

photo 2 (28)

I had lunch with a friend, who shared her precious cache of chocolate with me.

photo 1 (30)

I exercised, indulging in an episode of Scandal while I hit up the elliptical.

photo 3 (15)




I sat on this couch for a hour, pouring out my soul and working through my anger with my therapist.

photo 5 (3)

I mulled over some thoughts and took a quick nap as I received an acupuncture treatment.


photo 4 (7)



A friend came over and we dressed the pup up.  She seemed to enjoy it!

photo 3 (14)

Another friend came over for dinner and we had a glass of wine!

photo 2 (27)


I ended my night with another babyloss mom, enjoying teat and hot chocolate, laughing about things in ways only the babyloss know.

photo 1 (29)



9 thoughts on “Day 22: Self Care

    • it was quite busy today! I always have big relaxing plans- reading, working on my puzzle, chilling more- but I end up being caught up in appointments and lunch dates (another form of relaxing). yesterday happened to be an especially full day, but a good one.

  1. I keep finding more and more in common with you, Meghan. This one is just a little thing, but I am also off on Wednesdays. It may be silly, but it made me smile.

    • we are finding so much in common! i bet more than we both can say on the internet 🙂 it makes me smile too to think wednesdays there is someone else out there feeling similar emotions to me.

  2. Oh My Goodness! Muppet is so unbelievably adorable in her raincoat! It even looks like she is smiling in that photo.

    I miss our lunches on your day off. This work thing is so overrated. Self care should be something we do for ourselves all the time, not just once a week or after trauma and loss. I am glad you are fitting in self care at least once a week. You do so much for others everyday.

    • I miss our lunches too! I wish I had more time off! I wish my time off wasnt so full sometimes (sometimes its good). if only there were more time in each day for self care. funny, usually it’s the busy moms who have trouble finding time for themselves. But sometimes its the busy un-moms, or invisible mom, who have just as much trouble finding such time.

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