Day 15: Community

As I read the online recipe, I glanced at the clock in the corner of my computer screen. “Oh, it’s seven o’clock!” I said to chris.  I put down the mixing spoon, setting my brewing dinner aside for a minute, found a candle and lit it.

“Today is the the official pregnancy and infant loss day out of whole pregnancy and infant loss month.  People are lighting candles at 7 across the world to remember their babies. ” I explained when Chris asked what it was for.

I felt kind of silly as the candle sat on my kitchen counter as I finished prepping.  It seemed almost sacrilege.  But once I got a free moment, I took the candle over to one of my favorite photos.  I see it, in the corner of my eye, and though I’m going about my usual evening tasks, it’s there.  Flickering, announcing my membership in a community that spans the globe, spans time- a wave of light they call it.  Silly as I may feel, this is where I belong.

I remember always, but today I remember her loudly.


photo (31)



6 thoughts on “Day 15: Community

  1. I was also in the middle of prepping dinner when I noticed it was 6:45, so we lit our candle :). Solidarity in actions! And that photo in the middle – such a gorgeous one of Mabel!

    • me too. Its just a shame that there’s really only one day we as a community get to remember so loudly. I do it other days, but if I do it too much, I fear people will tune out. Except those of us in the club, of course!

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