Day 12: Music

On a slow night on the labor floor, I downloaded this song to my phone so a nurse friend and former ballroom dance instructor could teach me a few dance moves. I dipped and spun and promenaded with Chris to this song at our wedding. As I held my daughter in my arms after she died, I wanted to play her a song. This was the only one I had on my phone, so we played it for her just before we gave her away to the nurse. It was once our song, but now it’s her song too.

I wrote about it recently here.




6 thoughts on “Day 12: Music

  1. A few weeks ago, as I sat on a park bench at a street fair, the band started playing this song. THIS song! I teared up as it played- but told my daughter that it was very special as it belongs to a sweet and beautiful girl named Mabel. We now talk about Mabel frequently (she loves the picture of her feet best) and E wonders if Mabel and Max are friends. I know they are 😉

    • oh, how lovely! Max and Mabel are totally friends. I love how kids can just incorporate our lost babies so easily. My friend’s (fellow BLM) son told her when he has a baby he’ll name her Mabel. just out of the blue. kids can be amazing sometimes, huh?

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