Day 9: In Memory

“Is this new?” my acupuncturist asked looking at my tattoo as he placed tiny needles into my foot.


“You  must really like carrots,” he said with a chuckle.

“It’s for my daughter.  When I was pregnant with her, we used to call her out little Karate Carrot.”

photo (29)

I love that my memorial is subtle, requiring a little explanation.  I’m grateful that we came up with a nickname for her that stuck and is real-world enough that I get to see reminders of her from time to time.


“Why do you have a carrot necklace?” the daughter of my friend asked.

“I had a baby who died and we used to call her our Karate Carrot.”

photo (30)


“What’s with the carrots?” the little boy asked.  We were seated around a large round table, drawing on small index cards.  Taken together they would fill up a mural in a Mother’s Day remembrance activity for the babylost.  He was drawing something for his little brothers, twins gone too soon.  Chris and I were each drawing carrots in our own way.

“We used to call our daughter Mabel our Karate Carrot.”

“Hah! That’s funny.  A carrot doing karate.”

I smiled.










7 thoughts on “Day 9: In Memory

  1. The brand Annie’s makes some bunny-shaped pasta that also has little carrot shapes in it. Whenever I see it (or eat it- it’s pretty good), I think of Mabel’s. Now it’s Mabel’s macaroni, to me. 🙂

  2. I love Lauren’s comment about “Mabel’s macaroni” :). I love that you have carrots to remind you and the world of your baby girl. I wish we had something like that for Ander; instead, I find myself assigning anything I “want” to him (look, it’s a robin! a butterfly! a snowflake! a rainbow! the letter A!). It’s not quite the same, and I wish I had really “attached” something to him (I didn’t have that forethought, then, nor such a cute nickname as Karate Carrot!). I guess I could go with a bunny (we called him Thumper, after the rabbit in Bambi) – which is kinda cute when I think of the fact that I’m sure he and Mabel are friends. Or a kite, for our tendency to sing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” to him? What do you think? 🙂

    • Oooh, I LOVE the nickname thumber. I see bunnies all the time in my yard- now I”ll totally think of Ander. We got lucky with our nickname. I think it’s because we didnt know Mabel’s gender, so we needed something, you know? But I’m totally choosing rabbits for my sign for Ander. WHich I like especially because you know how much rabbits like carrots!

  3. I love your tattoo! I have thought about getting a tattoo for Owen but wouldn’t know where to start. We called him our Owen Owl and have oak things all around the house, but it seems like owls are kind of a trend right now. I worry that people will think years from now that I was just REALLY into the owl trend.

    Anyway, I really love all your memorials, and I love Mabel’s nickname. Beautiful necklace.

    • thank you! You know I totally was considering owls for a nursery theme (back when we thought taking home a live baby was possible), but I was also turned off by the rising popularity. But I think an owl tattoo would be totally cool- and I wouldnt associate it with the trend. Now I’ll think of Owen when I see owls (even the trendy ones!)

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