Walks in honor of Mabel

One year ago this month, Chris and I learned that our unborn child would have Down Syndrome.  We accepted her with that news and all that the diagnosis would bring.   We loved her when we saw that she’d have clubbed feet.  We loved her when we discovered her kidneys weren’t working.  We loved her when they told us her lungs might be too small.  We loved her even though we knew we might lose her.  And we loved her when we said good bye after six short hours with her.
To honor her, we are taking part in two walks that are very important to us: The Buddy Walk supporting the CT Down Syndrome Congress on September 27 and Footprints on Our Heart Walk supporting Hope After Loss, my local bereavement group for perinatal loss (which has been so very helpful) on October 5th.  Please consider donating or joining us in either or both of the walks as a way to support us in the joy that was our daughter and the sorrow we have in her loss.
Buddy Walk:
(we are joining team Jenna’s Journey-  headed by five year old Jenna, who has Down Syndrome and who I helped bring into this world!)
Footprints on Our Hearts Walk by Hope After Loss

8 thoughts on “Walks in honor of Mabel

  1. Meghan I have followed your blog for the past two and a half months. I think these are both great walks to take and to make contributions to in your Mabel’s name. My husband and I had a son, Jacob, in April and at five days old he had a devastating stroke and died two days later. We are going to walk for Jacob in the Walk to Remember that has partnered with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep in colorado in October. We also walk the Buddy Walk every year for my brother that has Down’s Syndrome. I haven’t posted a comment before but your post today hit home. Thank you for your blog, I so appreciate strength, courage, and positive spirit.

    • Thank you! I’m so sorry to hear about your son Jacob- I can only imagine the shock to lose your boy unexpectedly so soon after birth. I recently learned that Colorado is the birthplace of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleepy- what a wonderful organization. And you’re doing a buddy walk too for brother who has Down Syndrome! We are clearly kindred spirits! thank you for your kind words and for reading.

  2. Excited to contribute! And you are SO BRAVE doing these walks. The March of Dimes walk was one of the hardest days in my grieving journey, seeing all those preemies who lived. I’m in awe of your strength and hope you find the walks healing and hope-filled!

    • yes, I’m curious to see how I”ll be- seeing all the kids with Down Syndrome, that I totally look at with jealousy now. I saw a little boy in the supermarket- he was blonde, maybe 5yrs old, his mom brunette and I thought of Mabel and me- blonde and brunette. He seemed very well behaved and sweet and I thought, thats how mabel would have been. so I’ll be curious to be surrounded. And the Footprints walk will have people with living children, with rainbow babies and supporters who have never lost with babies. That too will be hard in a way, but I’ll bee reassured because the whole walk will be all about the babies lost. that day will be about Mabel. Thank you for your support!

  3. I have read your blog from the very beginning and continued to read it as I got pregnant, got a cancer diagnosis, faced the stillbirth of my due date buddy’s daughter, faced chemo, was induced early, and now face the future of trying to fight cancer and care for a newborn. I donated because your blog has helped me feel less alone in my pain as well as helped remind me how much I still have to be thankful for. Mabel has been a part of my journey.

    • Oh Bridget! You have introduced another perspective to all of us here. I try to remember to be grateful, and I am of my health, but it’s important to be reminded of it. As much as people often cant imagine the pain of my scenario, I can only imagine the pain of yours. I am so grateful that you have found some comfort in my words here and Mabel could be part of your hard journey too. Thank you so much for donating and for sharing- your story is an important one too and should be heard!

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