A little girl with a beautiful name

Today I learned that the baby of a friend was born sleeping yesterday evening.  Though she was not expected to live, her loss has struck me deeply.  From experience I can say that knowing ahead of time just draws out the grief, it does not lessen it.  Today, and in the future, please join me in thinking of her mom and dad and of the little girl, with a beautiful name, who they said good-bye to.


Wishing her strength.




21 thoughts on “A little girl with a beautiful name

  1. I’m so sorry for your friends loss (and for your loss; it was a loss to you, as well… I know that many of my friends grieved when my son died, and they felt awkward talking about that – “How can I even think about my own sadness over this, I can’t imagine how you feel” – but it made me feel much better when they did share their grief with me, because it was so helpful to know that others cared about my baby as well).

    • She is a new friend (product of being one of the babyloss) and yet, I feel deeply sad over this baby I had just recently met. Our stories are similar in many ways and so I think it brings me back to six months ago. I feel the same way as you said- I crave hearing about others who cried for my baby. Makes me realize that she was real and that what I had experienced was real sadness

  2. 😦 Our hearts and prayers go out to her and her family. Another beautiful soul gone too soon. Please let me know if/when she wishes to talk more about her – I’d love to hear more about their story. Thanks for sharing. Tragedies close to home like that just amplify things for us don’t they?

  3. Thanks for sharing Clara’s story, it’s so touching to see how many have replied and are thinking of her, and of us. Though we learned 4 months ago that Clara’s time with us would be short, I felt so completely unprepared to deal with her death once I was actually faced with it. As I work on piecing this new life of mine back together, I have found the support of others to be invaluable. I’m so glad I’ve been able to meet you Meghan and thank you and all your readers for all the kindness through these dark days.

    • ” I felt so completely unprepared to deal with her death once I was actually faced with it” YES. To know ahead of time gives the facade that we are actually prepared in some way for our babies’ deaths. But in reality, there is no real way to prepare for the grief. it is there as much as ever. sending you so much strength!

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