First date?

A little change of pace.  In the vein of I’m more than just my grief, I will share with you some non grief memories.  This was the me, before Mabel.


We sat in the car outside my house. It was too soon to invite him in. I didn’t want to send him the wrong message, but I wanted him to leave knowing I liked him, so I unbuckled my seatbelt and leaned over the center console. The stick shift made my movements awkward, deliberate even. “Smooth moves, Meghan,” I thought to myself as I clumsily tried to avoid the clutch poking me in the side. Once I cleared the obstacles, I bee-lined for his lips. I felt confident. Look at me, the feminist! A woman making a first move! It had worked for me in the past, so I was surprised when he didn’t lean forward to kiss me back. Oh no! I had misread all the signs! This wasn’t a date! But I was in too far to reverse. I continued my trajectory, expecting him to turn his cheek, like any guy would do to dissuade an unwelcome advance, and was surprised again when his face remained facing mine. He just sat there, dumbly, expressionless. Too late to abort, I went for it. The romantic first kiss I was planning on was tossed aside in favor of a quick peck on the lips.

“Bye! I’ll talk to you later!” I squeaked out quickly as I retreated.   My cheeks burned in embarrassment. There was nothing like having my first move rejected to make me rethink my whole self-image. I guess I wasn’t as attractive as I thought; the date didn’t go as well as I had imagined.

Slamming the car door behind me I ran into my house and immediately dialed my friend.

“It wasn’t a date!” I told her.

“What?” she said, confused. We had explored the whole subject in detail prior to our dinner. He had asked me out… sort of. We were at a group rock-climbing event and he asked four of us if anyone had wanted to go for a drink that Friday. He was finishing a class that week and wanted to celebrate. I was the first to respond, eager to spend more time with him, “Sure!” When the other two in the group said they had other plans, he looked at me with questioning eyes, “Still want to go?” Absolutely. I had thought at that point it could have been a date, but wasn’t totally sure. When a huge snowstorm hit that Friday and we were both house-bound, he asked if I wanted to reschedule. At that point, I figured it really was a date.

Now I told my friend how drinks turned into dinner and he paid at the end. We did all the typical first date stuff, learning about each other’s jobs and families. Laughing. Flirting. He even drove me home, the easily walkable two blocks to my apartment. Based on that alone, it seemed obvious. But when I explained how I went in for the kiss and he neither kissed me back nor turned his cheek, choosing a neutral reception to my overt moves, she was just as confused as I was.

“Maybe he has a girlfriend and I was just making up the signs that he was interested?” I theorized.

“Maybe….” She said. “But he bought dinner! And drove you home!”

I decided to try not to worry about it and she and I concentrated on our plans for the next night- New Years Eve in New York City. I learned later that when he went to see his friends afterwards, they asked how the date went. “Great!” he said with a stupid smile.

I tell this story often at dinner parties or with new friends. It’s the story of our first-date-that-wasn’t-really-a-date. The failed first kiss never ceases to make the people we are with laugh. My husband groans when I tell this story, but he always gets the last word. “It worked, didn’t it?”




4 thoughts on “First date?

  1. Beautiful.

    On our first date, it was my hub who wanted a kiss, but I extended my arms for a hug.

    That hug sold me, melted me, and three days later when he left to study in Russia, I could feel his warmth still.

    He’d add, too, that we married 30 days later. We wrote e-mails for 10 days and just knew.

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