Kid Art #2

“When is Meghan going be here?” they were asking.  I was running late after an especially therapeutic catch up dinner with a friend.

When I arrived at their house, they were waiting for me at the end of their driveway.  The five year old jumped up and gave me a hug.  “We’re having a party!” she said with her little girl voice, the kind that can’t quite get the R’s right.  The six year old ran inside wordlessly and came back with the shell he had painted last week.  We all went inside and they both skittered away, returning just seconds later.

“This is a girl in red who is chasing a spider and she picks it up and puts it in a bag,”  she says, only “girl” sounds like “giwl,” “red” sounds like “wed” and “spider” sounds like “spida”

photo (19)



“Look!” he shows me another Karate Carrot.  “And that’s another one in the background.”  He grins up at me, so proud of his work.

photo (18)


2 thoughts on “Kid Art #2

  1. Kids and art are amazing!

    After my hub was hit by a car (fabulous woman, now one of our best friends) and was in a coma, his nieces and nephews made him quite the gallery.

    One of his favorites is of C and C who spelled out LOVE with their bodies. Their mom, the hub’s third sister, photographed them from above.

    Four years later, Scott still as each one, and the recordings of songs a niece sung to him.

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