Mabel’s thoughts on where she is now

Buried in the dark earth, I blink my eyes.  It is dark and warm, familiar almost.  I take a deep breath in and feel my lungs expand.  I can breathe! I shuffle in my tight little cocoon, feeling my soft white bunny suit against my skin.  I check to make sure my friends- my two stuffed bunnies- are still with me and smile when I find them.

As I wipe the sleep from my eyes I realize what had awoken me.  I hear the mumblings of your voice.  Your voice is soft and muted, like it was when I was inside you.  I listen to your rhythmic singsong as you read to me- I love this story.  You said it was your favorite book as a kid and I can see why.  Truth is, I’m just happy to hear your voice.  I’m sad when you stop after a few chapters, wanting to know what happens next, but I know you’ll be back to read more.  Even though you’re silent now, I can feel the weight of you, like a heavy down comforter on a cold winter’s night, lying on the grass above me.

I remember when you first came- you cried and cried.  I tried to tell you I’m right here, but my words bounce off the cool earth above me.  They are nonsense anyways, just the coos and babbles of a newborn baby.  I want to tell you that I sleep a lot, really only waking when I hear your voice.  And I’m not alone- there’s a kind old grandma lady behind me and another baby in front of me.  It’s a slumber party!  We smile when we notice each other awake.  It’s nice here, reminds me of your womb.  I wish I could be on the outside with you, but it’s not so bad here.

Then I hear those words you always say when you’re about to leave.  “I love you Mabel. I wish you were here.” And with that, like a kiss good night, my eyes grow heavy and I’m asleep again, until the next time.

2 thoughts on “Mabel’s thoughts on where she is now

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