Fetal Movement

The Karate Carrot likes to move most in the evenings.  The carrot just goes to town- anything from hiccups, to rolls, to kicks and punches.  I can finally look down and see my baby making waves in my belly.  It’s cool to watch and even cooler to feel.  With no work or running around, I now am much more aware of baby movement.  While I was working, I thought I maybe had some Braxton Hicks but now that I’ve been off, I think what I was feeling was movement.  Baby’s movements often just feel like pressure.  I have nothing to compare it to, but I imagine if I had some fluid the movements might feel a little different.  Hard to say.  I guess I’ll be able to compare with the next pregnancy.


As I watch my baby move I cheer him/her on.  I worry about limb contractures associated with no fluid and Potter’s Syndrome.  So when I see all this good movement, I feel like my baby is fighting against the contractures.  Exercising.  Using what s/he can.


I’m beginning to understand a little what people meant when they say movement can be uncomfortable.  When I’ve asked patients, “is the baby moving ok?” I’ve have many respond “too much!”  Or sigh with what seems like annoyance.  To those who say”too much,” I usually answer that there is no such thing.  When baby is moving s/he is saying “don’t worry about me, mom.  I’m just fine!”  Which is the truth!  And I guess in theory, I can sort of see how movement could be perceived as uncomfortable.  I have a friend who told me that she had had no fluid at the very end of her pregnancy (41 weeks) and it was super uncomfortable- and now being pretty far pregnant (almost 36 weeks) I can guess that I might feel movement more uncomfortably than if I had fluid.  I think there might be some truth in that (maybe some moms who’ve both experienced pregnancies with and without fluid could speak to that)


I also think it’s all about perspective.  I have spent too much time lying down and willing the baby to move so I know s/he’s ok.  It’s possible that what I feel is not even a lot of movement (again, i have nothing to compare it to).  In obstetrics, when patients complain of decreased fetal movement, we often check the fluid around the baby because less movement can be a symptom of low fluid.  So maybe my normal is not a lot of movement after all, and so I have no idea if a lot of movement hurts a lot or not.  But I do know this: movement is always good.  There are many normal discomforts that accompany pregnancy. I try to appreciate them.  I am lucky to be pregnant.  I have learned to appreciate the small joys.    Elizabeth McCracken said it well in the book I mentioned a few days ago:  “I find myself thankful for large and small things, in the way of people who’ve lost two limbs and are glad not to have lost four.”  I am pregnant and my baby is moving.



3 thoughts on “Fetal Movement

  1. I landed on your blog several weeks ago after following an online rabbit hole. I have gone back in your archives and have read every single entry. My family has been including you in our nightly dinner prayers and I often think of you during my day. Be brave, sweet girl, you can do hard things!

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