How to pass the time…

I’m sleeping in! It’s a weird luxury.  I’m more of a morning person- mainly meaning I don’t hit the snooze button and am not good at staying up late.  It may be tough for me to get out of bed at the crack of dawn (isn’t it tough for anyone?) but I don’t think I’m as miserable as night owls would be.  Here in the hospital time takes on new meaning. Or no meaning.  Its easier to stay up late- get sucked into bad tv (we don’t have cable at home, so channel surfing is a treat here).  And it’s easier to lounge in bed if I have no agenda.  So today I got up around 9.  To be fair, my sleep is very interrupted.  I’ve been falling asleep easily- something that’s new to me, I think it came with pregnancy.  But I’m a more restless sleeper- tossing and turning- especially 4a-6a.  But I chalk that up to normal pregnancy changes.  In the hospital I am all the more restless.  Though I’ve brought in my comforts from home (pillow, fan, eye mask- I’m a very particular sleeper.  I think a little peculiarity about sleep comes with the territory of someone who is sleep-deprived for work on a regular basis), it’s still not my bed.  The nurses procured me an egg crate which has helped.  But the larger issue is that everytime I turn over at night here, the baby comes off the monitor so the nurse has to come in and readjust.  It makes me think twice when I wake up uncomfortable- is it worth it to flip over?  I also worry about waking up Chris because he’s been spending the night.  Though this morning I left that worry behind.  I asked Chris how he slept and he said “Pretty good. The nurse only came in once!”  The nurse came in, like 5 or 6 times.  So he’s sleeping through most of it.


I made a good to-do list today.  I understand that making some sort of schedule can help the days pass.  The to-do list included: do some yoga, do a CME (continuing medical education course- I need a certain number of them to keep my licenses and privileges current), have lunch with my cousin, read my book and learn to crochet.  I did less than half that.  The internet is an impressive time-suck.  I don’t begrudge it.  Facebook and email and articles make me feel connected, up to date and kills time all at once.  So between my late start, the internet and a nice stream of visitors, my morning flew by.


Working in the hospital where I’m admitted and staying on a maternity floor that I round on has its perks.  My colleagues know I’m here and I’ve made my openness to visitors known.  So in addition to the standard visits (the MFM doctor, my midwife- both who spend most the visit just chatting, because there’s not much more to do for me!), I get some surprise ones- nurses from the labor floor, doctors and midwives from my own practice, OBGYN residents.  They fill my time beautifully.  And some even come bringing gifts- I got the best our hospital gift shop has to offer today- a hello kitty activity book, wind up chattering teeth and a grow-a-frog-in water- from the GYN residents.   And I had some scheduled visitors- my cousin for lunch and a friend from out of town, who was able to sneak in for a visit before the second round of snow hit.


I finally did some prenatal yoga.  I tried it once at home to make sure it was worth lugging the mat and brick and strap to the hospital.  I had also tried another one at home made by a cirque-du-soleil performer- not so good.  This one is decent- it’s by Shiva Rea.  Its mostly stretching, but it feels good.  I didn’t really break anything close to a sweat so I did some exercises with my exercise band.


So all I could really check off my to-do list was yoga and lunch with cousin.  But I passed the time! My dad asked me what I did today, which I guess is the inspiration for this post.  In short, I slept, which is good for my health and well being.  I exercised, which is good for my body and my baby’s brain development. I visited with my friends and coworkers, which is good for my soul.




And to live up to trying to take more belly photos and document the existence and growth of this baby….photo 2 photo 1


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