Jealousy vs Gratitude

“The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for”

I saw that quote a few times on facebook today and it just hit home.   Don’t know who said it, but it applies. It really applies.

Things I wish for that others may take for granted:

  • Waiting for my prenatal appointment without looking at the other pregnant women with jealousy
  • Going to an ultrasound with excitement rather than anxiety or dread
  • Responding to people’s comments on my pregnancy in a positive way rather than changing the subject
  • Being able to coo whole-heartedly at someone else’s baby
  • A (somewhat) worry free pregnancy
  • A baby shower
  • Shopping for baby clothes
  • Putting together a crib
  • Knowing that each discomfort of pregnancy is really something I’ll be rewarded for in the end with a healthy baby
  • Looking forward to labor as the last challenge before holding my baby rather than the last challenge before knowing my baby’s fate
  • Skin to skin after birth
  • Not worrying about a c-section
  • Not thinking about stillbirth, funerals, or deciding about cremation versus burial

Things I might be taking for granted that others may be wishing for:

  • The chance to be pregnant and not struggling with infertility
  • A loving supportive husband who views are in line with mine
  • Stable finances
  • My own good health
  • Not being on bedrest
  • A workplace that is supportive of my new needs- time off, reduced schedule, time for appointments.
  • A team of midwives who go the extra mile (this deserves another whole post)
  • An MFM team that is honest and allows me to be part of the decision making
  • My whole OB team that was positive about the DS diagnosis (no pressure to terminate, encouragement to breastfeed, etc)
  • Family and friends who check in, keep me distracted, allow me to just talk about it all.
  • An active baby

3 thoughts on “Jealousy vs Gratitude

  1. I know exactly what you mean. It does help a little to know I’m not the only pregnant woman in the world who has to be sad about baby’s arrival (or, at the very least, extremely uncertain) since it seems like I’m surrounded by pregnant women all the time who think an ultrasound is only to find out what the gender of the baby is, who think the hardest decisions to make with childbirth involve which painkiller to ask for. It’s so hard. You are so brave to go through it, and I’m inspired that you’re recognising that there are some things others are hoping for as well. It all makes me that much more in awe of pregnancy, childbirth, and life. So many things can go wrong, and so many things can go right.

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