The Karate Carrot

My husband Chris gets weekly pregnancy updates from a pregnancy website.  Tells him what’s going on with the baby and pregnancy each week.  At week 21, the email said the baby was as big as a carrot and practicing karate.  And so came our newest nickname for baby- the Karate Carrot.

The Karate Carrot started living up to its name.  I’ve been feeling what I think is a lot of movement for 22 weeks.  I know some women are just feeling first movements at this time.  And then at 22 weeks and 2 days, with some focus and patience, Chris felt the Karate Carrot kick!

Movement has been a a huge landmark for me.  I think I consciously felt movement just shy of 18 weeks.  Patients often ask me what does it feel like or when will they feel?  Ive told them usually somewhere between 18-24 weeks and it feels like flutters or gas even- which is what people had told me. One friend even said it felt like worms. But for me it started off more like jabs or mini-kicks.  And once it started, I felt everyday.  Mostly at night, when I concentrated while lying down.  Now I’m 23 and half weeks and I feel on and off all day long.  If I’m feeling down, I can take a moment and wait for movement, which makes me feels better.  It means he/she is there and all this work and waiting is for something.

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