The ultrasounds…

13 weeks:  Increased nuchal translucency and enlarged bladder.

15 weeks:  bladder still enlarged

18 weeks:  bilateral clubbed feet, but otherwise all normal.  Ureters dilated but with normal kidneys and now normal bladder, not a huge concern at this time

20 weeks:  followup anatomy (couldn’t see the hands previously)- normal hands.  One foot looked “less clubbed” but still clubbed

22 weeks- normal fetal echo! Clubbed feet

Next up: checking growth and re-evaluating anatomy in 5 weeks.

I feel like I’ve gotten through the hard ultrasounds!  The level II (18 weeks) was nerve-racking.  But seeing mostly normal anatomy, I felt my first sense of relief.  Clubbed feet were minor compared to my other worries.  And having a normal level II meant that the fetal echo might be normal too.  Each ultrasound I was eagerly awaiting and worrying over.  Time passed slowly.  But after that normal anatomy scan, I could see the future- at least a little.

And then the normal fetal echo! I was mentally preparing myself for a baby that needed open heart surgery.  So now I’m adjusting to the fact that heart surgery is unlikely.  What a nice adjustment to be making!

I still worry about bowel issues, about growth, about loss.  But I think I’m ultimately feeling optimistic!  Baby is passing tests so far! Go baby!


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